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Breast cancer ..Almost we hear daily news or researches or statistics about this disease .. And our role as a Breast Cancer blog to look and work to provide you the healing answers to your questions and how to prevent this disease
So this article is not intended for those who suffered the disease only, but for every woman in the world ...

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions about breast cancer and those answers ...

Is eating fatty food causes breast cancer?

 Many studies can't prove the existence of a clear relationship between fat food and the risk factors which lead to breast cancer, However, studies  ongoing to find out the truth about this matter,
However, it is best to avoid fats for many reasons, including to reduce the proportion of LDL cholesterol in the body and also to leave space to eat healthy food and to maintain your weight, increase in weight is one of the risk factors that cause breast cancer, where that fats increase the production of estrogen outside the ovaries.

Is breast cancer a fatal disease kills any patient?

 Increase the number of women who get breast cancer significantly year after year, but the death rate resulting from this disease continues to drop as a result of the availability of better possibilities for treatment and early detection of tumors through breast self-examination and X-ray breast (mammogram).

Is likely to get any woman diagnosed with breast cancer if she have any factor of risk factors for the disease?

There are already many risk factors that make women more susceptible to breast cancer, However it is not necessary if the lady has one or more to get breast cancer.
There are some women have one or more of these factors did not become infected with infected disease and also the majority of women who have infected  the disease did not have any of these factors.
But knowing these factors may help women in the interest of the health of her nipples by doing the periodically detection so that they can benefit from early detection of the tumor.

Breast cancer contagious?

Breast cancer is not contagious disease, it does not spread from person to another person body. Breast cancer is a disease of abnormal divisions of the body's cells.

If there are first-class relatives of the women suffered cancer, She will be inevitably to infection?

 Although the incidence average of breast cancer increases if there is a family member suffering from breast cancer, such as mother, sister, daughter or close family member, but that the majority of women who have infected did not have history of infected , but the woman who was her mother or sister or grandmother should begin mammogram detection in a five years age younger of diagnosis of the relatives disease .

Is Mammogram (breast X-ray) cause the spread of breast cancer to other parts of the body?

Mammogram (breast X-ray) is an X-ray picture of the breast. Radiation or  pressure on the breast-ray machine can not cause the spread of cancer in the body and any every woman should follow the advises of radiology specialist and ask about anything regarding the machine.

Women who fifty years old are only susceptible to breast cancer?

Although the discovery of breast cancer was in the majority of women of the same age group, but there were cases of infection at the age younger than thirty years and the disease was in an advanced state, and this is due to several reasons, including the delay in diagnosis and failure to follow methods of early detection, such as breast self-examination, as well as women delay in reviewing the hospital for a long time even after the discovery of abnormal tumor in the breast.

Does discovery of an abnormal mass in the breast mean breast cancer?

 If you find any mass or swelling or any change during breast self-examination, it is necessary to visit the specialist doctor imediatly, do not be upset, most of these clusters, or tumors are not cancerous, but only a doctor is the one who could see and identify it.
Sometimes women avoid medical care because they are afraid of what might they find. Take responsibility for your health through breast self-examination, regular visits to the doctor and do breast-ray regularly.

Breast cancer affects only women and not men?

Statistics proved in the United States of America that women are more at risk to infection than men, infection rate - a man : 135 women.

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