Saturday, June 1, 2013

7 symptoms of breast cancer

That breast cancer among the diseases that scientists did not put their hands on the main cause of him, Although breast cancer affects a woman among 8 women at least, and scientists agreed on early detection is a key factor for the cure of breast cancer.

We got to know the reasons by President campaign rosy eastern in Saudi Arabia, which is also head of the radiology department at King Fahd University news, "Dr. Fatima Al-Melhem," which identified more than seven reasons affecting women to make them more susceptible to breast cancer, stressing the need for early examination for the woman if applicable by one reason or more:
1 - Precocious puberty: 
especially in hot countries which often girls are grow up at young age
2 - Menopause at a late age:
 the first and second reason are linked to each other, which exposure women to the "estrogen" hormone, The higher duration, the more chance of infection.
3 - Aging.
 4 - Obesity: 
it is because of obesity related to an increase of the hormone estrogen, which makes it a direct relation infecting women with breast cancer.
5 - Food:
 Whenever eating healthy and sound we were in the right direction towards the prevention of many diseases, it is important to stay away from meat and orientation to eat healthy vegetables and fruits.
6 - Genetics:
 If there are first-class relatives of the women suffered cancer, She will be more susceptible to infection.

7 - Finally: 
lack of exercise, and addiction to smoking, and alcohol.

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I wish health for all women and for myself,
and I wish a speedy healing to all patients

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